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Julie I have been married for 15 great years. She is intelligent beautiful and sexy with a tube8 great character who is totally busty. The old adage is to look to the law, what is your wife at the time. Therefore, it was no surprise really as Liz, the mother of Julie is great for his age of 58 years, with an even fuller figure and larger breasts. Therefore, it should be no surprise that I condemned the idea of ​​Julie 's mother by many to be entertained in the. Especially tube8 when topless on holiday abroad when the women were sunbathing. This was the material would masturbate. On occasion, I wondered, put sunscreen on them and always be successful tube8 in an environment of overlapping and rubbing tits Liz sometimes too close to your back to make the back of your legs. I think a couple of times, she spread her legs a bit more, so I could rub more and better access to her pussy. Liz was always sexy and stylish, every time I had a meeting like this with her as soon as possible I would getJulie and stupid shit just blocks away. Never thought I'd have given a fair chance, Liz convicted of her relationship with her daughter when they were so close, plus she loved her husband and was very affectionate with him. 2 months ago we received a call saying about 7 pm and was Liz who had a problem with the water as Dan and I could pop on a business trip, to see if I could fix it. I changed and put some tools in the car and went to see the parents, what was the problem. The problem was easy to repair and Liz was happy that I ordered so quickly. Liz wore silk nightgown that clung perfectly to your curves and how they went through the living room, her breasts swayed with the incredibly large protruding nipples. You may ask, I would take one cup per year for all my work and said softly : 'Well, if that's all you have. ' Liz said nothing, but now passed by the kitchen door. I saw the TV for 5 tube8 minutes, you have to do the brew and was pleasantly surprised when Liz returned. When paid to the top of where I could see well, until he could not stop and the sight of the impressive tits swayed in front of me. Then he went and sat in the chair in front tube8 of me hidden snag the gown, sitting with legs sideways. This gave me perfect vision in the ass and pussy, without even trying. We went through general conversation about work, kids, etc. But all I could think about was my dick slammed into her ass and Fanny. There were a few pregnant pauses, which only made ​​my condition more uncomfortable when I finally got into the bathroom and suffocated tube8 said above. It did not break, but had a raging hard on what I had to wait before he could urinate, so I went to the bathroom for some time. When you finally release the water and clean the bathroom, Liz was in her bedroom and called me. My heart skipped a few beats before I developedEred the room and tube8 my heart almost stopped when he saw Liz. She was kneeling on the bed with her ass and pussy exposed and pulled her cheeks. I was frozen for a few moments before I edged forward, and finally reaches the edge of the bed. o N occurred for another time because of all the consequences that would befall our race is not tube8 going to happen, but it was my cock exploded and I thought, shit. I dropped to my knees and lick his face buried in her pussy and ass sucking beautiful as a man dying of thirst and finally we had a drink. Liz cried on my pillow tube8 muffled sound, as his body shook violently. I stood up and pulled my tube8 clothes my 9inch drop tail very thick, I was desperate to fuck this woman was 15. I rubbed my bell end up and down her slit lubricating my cock. Then rubbing her clitoris with my button while stuck two fingers in the ass. Liz broke her hip bucking wildly as gRunt in the pillow. I waited until she was gasping and crying then I rammed my cock balls in the handle. She shook from head to toe and opened his mouth, but no real sound, other then a staggered breath. I grabbed her hips full and soft, pulled hard on me. Then they began to retreat, before striking again in this sexy bitch. He felt better than I ever imagined. I started my cock pump in and out, as she refused to meet my impulses. She cried and begged me to treat you bad and do what I wanted. I pulled my cock, pushed his head hard on the pillow and rubbing my button on your anus. She stiffened and tried to pull away shouting: ' No, no. ' Perra too late, tube8 I think tube8 the rotary knob makes learning in his tight ass hole. She grunted and shouted at the same time, but I held so he could not move. I left my sizing before I pushed more and work carefully and slowly my dick in the ass. If I'm totally in, I have to be destroyedd with my weight and full of her huge breasts. I started pumping my cock faster and faster, while its bite on the shoulder. She grabbed my hair call me motherfucker, like a tunnel. I whispered cum slag shit broke my ass deep plowing. I ouldn't stop flooding it as I shot more guts than ever. It was the best sex I've had without a doubt. The phone rang and it was my wife asks, ' How long is Dave will be a mother,' said Liz, 'an hour or so I believe that love tube8 ' that make up the receiver and turned to me and stuck my penis in her mouth again. After about ten minutes from the beautiful mouth on my cock was hard again. Liz straddled my cock and hot ass in it push hard until he went all-in they gave us and fed a large nozzle filled with blood in her mouth as she rode my cock. I sucked as hard as her pussy was gripping the life of my cock. She was taking a huge and I struggled to contain the runs. Liz said, 'Well, what do you think, as. see, I like your mother -fucking and then ' I sighed and nodded his head up, said: ' I need more shit, and I want your cock, '' What about Julie, 'I' said he had cock for 15 years now I'm David turn, and I want your cock as often as possible, whenever you feel like crap I know I see the first street on the right, motherfucker, ' What could , just nodded his head as the land of my tool. she shot me and fell on her back with her legs open. I maneuvered between her legs and buried his dick home. her legs closed around my back and she told me as hard as I was able to shit. I was in his stomping as they began to orgasm again and again. ' I love you, she screamed, fuck me, promise me you think I am damned if you want. Promise me, promise me, 'Yes, yes, yes, I broke the back of his lap. It was really amazing! Liz milking my cock me until it dries, hold on. I went and lay in bed, began as Liz, clean all mixed juices from my cock wisecond language. We do not tube8 want in our home. With these words, picked up the phone and called his daughter. When tube8 she jerks his cock was talking to my wife. IWAS shocked to react, as my cock began and how it came to full size, Liz equipped tube8 with a mischievous smile I return to my wife as she speaks. 'It's a bigger job than I thought, do you want me to send home, or if you love for a tube8 good cause here. ' I could hear my wife say : Remember, ' is there, too Mom, I'm bed now anyway ',' Tell him you love yourself ', and so I handed the phone. Liz was pushed slowly pumping up and down on my cock with her tits against my chest. Julie said to stay as long as you have your very favorite kind of you to do this for my mother. I said it would take a couple of days at least. Julie said he had posted tomorrow afternoon. When I put the phone let out a long sigh tube8 and moan Liz aa huge. I bit my neck and pulled hard against me as they drovethe other to an orgasm. Once again I found myself cuming for the third time that night. After the disappearance, said Liz Your mine now Dave and you know it! There's more!
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